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The Holocaust

Over the next few days, you will be researching the history of World War II and the Holocaust.  Using ONLY the websites provided, read through the information and fill out your packet.  The goal is to get an overview of the times and not simply a race to find specific answers.                                                                                    

Question 1

Read the five paragraphs under the different year segments as a good overall introduction – find the definitions in the paragraphs.    

Question 4 & 5

Who was targeted during the Holocaust? 

Why do you think that those groups of people from question #4 were targeted?

Question 8

Explain the Nuremburg laws.

Question 11

Describe the living conditions at a concentration camp.

Question 14

Carefully follow these directions for the links to work:

1) Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “survivor stories”

2) Click on the face of one the survivor you want to read.

3) Click on the “Survivor Story”

Question 2

Read the following timeline. It details the steps Hitler and his Nazi Party took to change Germany from a democracy to a dictatorship. Which three events do you think were the most detrimental to democracy? Explain why for each.  

Question 6

Who was Hitler?  Use bullet points for main events in his life and define “Fuhrer”.

Question 9

Describe a Jewish ghetto.  Why is the Warsaw ghetto well known?

Question 12

Explain and summarize what EINSATZGRUPPEN were.

Question 15

Read the “Common Questions about the Holocaust” (and the answers to those questions).  Write 2 or more questions you still have after completing this packet.     

Question 3

Define Anti-Semitism and briefly explain the three key dates in its history.

Question 7

What was Kristallnacht?

Question 10

Summarize Heinrich Himmler’s role in the Holocaust. 

Question 13

Read the following timeline.  List the three most surprising events and give your opinion on America’s response to the atrocities.  Did we do enough to help? 

Adolf Hitler BIO

Video Excerpts from "Oswiecim" (Auschwitz)

The silent footage shown in this video is from film that was taken by a Soviet military film crew over a period of months beginning on January 27, 1945, the day that Auschwitz was liberated. The film from which these scenes are excerpted can be viewed online: