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Writing Framework LibGuide Grade 6: Argumentative Unit

Grade Level Expectations

  • Write argumentative pieces to support claims.
  • Use clear reasons and relevant evidence to support claims using credible sources and demonstrating understanding of the topic.
  • Introduce and state an opinion on a topic.
  • Organize the claim(s) with clear reasons and evidence; clarify relationships among claims and reasons by using words, phrases, and clauses; provide a concluding statement or section that follows from the argument presented.
  • Write with an awareness of the stylistic aspects of composition such as precise language, domain-specific vocabulary, sentences variety /complexity, consistent voice, and formal style.
  • Demonstrate a grade appropriate command of the conventions of standard English.


  • Developing a five paragraph essay
  • Understand fact vs. opinion
  • Formulating personal claim / thesis statement
  • Claim and evidence
  • Developing use of propaganda: bandwagon, big names, statistics, mudslinging, emotional words, repetition
  • Maintain a clear focus on topic
  • Anticipates and addresses readers concerns in counter argument
  • Supporting details
  • Leads and Endings
  • Revision to improve voice and word choice
  • Mode specific transitional phrases 


  • Vocabulary Transitions
  • Format to Style
  • Spelling Consciousness
  • Sentence variety 

Instructional Resources

Why we must run with scissors (Barry Lane)

Launching the Writing Workshop, Units of Study for 3-5 ( Lucy Calkins)

Writing Workshop: The Essential Guide (Fletcher and Portalupi)

Mentor Texts (L. Dorfman and R. Cappelli)

Study Driven (Katie Wood Ray)

The No Nonsense Guide to Teaching Writing (Davis and Hill)

Possible Mentor Texts

Picture Books

Dog Breath by Dav Pilkey

I Wanna Iguana by Kate Orloff

Earrrings by Judith Viorst