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VFM 8th Grade Science Fair Project: Step 1: Find a Project Idea

Find your Topic of Interest

Research ideas that may interest you for your project.

If you are having trouble coming up with a topic to research, visit: There is a ton of great information on this web site and your teachers will be working closely from it. 

Once you create a free account, go to find a project idea and complete the Topic Selection Wizard. 

Use the Topic Brainstorming WS provided to brainstorm and organize your ideas.  Be sure to review the handout Topics to Avoid”

Begin thinking about your scientific question that you will research.  

  • Create a free account at 
  • Find a project idea
  • Complete the Topic Selection Wizard
  • Review information on the scientific method.
  • Continue through the rest of the tabs for a step by step breakdown of the work required for this project.  

Research Question Help