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Writing Framework LibGuide Grade 5: Overview

Mission Statement

"Everyone has the capacity to write, writing can be taught, and teachers can help students become better writers." --- NCTE


Writing is purposeful:

  • Writing is thinking. Sometimes you are learning to write; other times, you are writing to learn.
  • Writing is contextual. Good writers consider their intent, audience, and mode.
  • Writing is interdisciplinary.  Students use writing to communicate their ideas across all content areas.


Writing is a process influenced by:

Students and Teachers

  • Writing is developmental and will look different for each writer.
  • Writing is connected to all literacies, such as reading, speaking, and listening.
  • Writing emerges from life experiences—formal and informal, personal and shared.

Writing Experiences and Pedagogy

  • Writing requires student choice, effective modeling, structured opportunities, and meaningful feedback.
  • Writing instruction depends on ongoing teacher collaboration to discuss, determine, and implement best practices.
  • Writing is multi-genre and results in a variety of products.
  • Writing assessment occurs for different purposes—before, during, and after learning—and takes various forms—self-reflective, peer-to-peer, and teacher-student.

Culture and Environment

  • Writing requires a nurturing environment that challenges students to take risks, reflect, and revise.
  • Writers need dedicated blocks of time; writing improves over time and with regular practice.
  • Writing is supported by purposeful and appropriate technologies.