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Writing Framework LibGuide Grade 5: PSSA Preparation

Grade Level Expectations

  • Write multi-paragraph stories. Include detailed descriptions of people, places, and things. Include literary elements and devices.
  • Write 5 paragraph informational and opinion pieces.
  • Include clearly stated opinion with supporting details for the opinion writing prompts.
  • Write with a clear focus, identifying topic, task, and audience.
  • Organize writing in a logical order. Use appropriate transitions within sentences and between paragraphs. Include an identifiable introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Write with an understanding of style, using a variety of sentence structures and descriptive word choices.
  • Revise writing to improve organization and word choice.


Sentence types

Review nouns and verbs (tense shifts)

Pronouns/antecedent agreement

Vocabulary: transitions

Punctuation: capitalization and end punctuation

Spelling awareness


  • Establish 5 domains of writing; focus, content, organization, style, conventions
  • Introduce how to interpret a prompt; narrative, informational, opinion
  • Explain Pennsylvania Writing Assessment Domain Scoring Guideline
  • Develop writing stamina for students through practice of sample PSSA writing tests
  • Model sample pieces of writing for students to evaluate and review
  • Practice sample multiple-choice questions

Instructional Resources