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VFM 8th Grade Science Fair Project: Schedule and Due Dates

Project Schedule

VFMS Science Fair Project Schedule


To Do or Read

(Readings are in the project Guide at

Hand In

Due Date

Step 1: Find a project idea

Complete the online Topic Selection Wizard and read “Topics to Avoid”


Complete the Topic Brainstorming worksheet


Step 2: Do project proposal

Read “Your Science Fair Project Question”

Complete the Science Fair Proposal Form


Step 3:  State your purpose

Review project framework handout.  Include answers to the questions in your statement of purpose.

Complete a rough draft statement of purpose.


Step 4: Do background research.

Read “Background Research Plan”

 Use the Background Research plan Worksheet

Read “Finding information”


 Complete background information rough draft

Review with your teacher




Step 5:  Bibliography

Read “Bibliography”

Read “APA format Examples”


Complete your bibliography (use online tools such as or Microsoft word)


Step 6:  Identify the variables in your experiment

Read “What are Variables?”


Complete Variables and Hypothesis worksheet

Review with your teacher


Step 7: Form a Hypothesis

Read “Hypothesis”

Complete Variables and Hypothesis worksheet

Review with your teacher


Step 8: List the materials

Read “Materials List”

Write a materials list, including measurements

Complete and print out a typed rough draft of:

1. Hypothesis

2. Materials

3. Procedure



Step 9: Design and write the procedure.

Read “Experimental Procedure”

Write experimental procedure steps (using numbered format)


Bring a completed rough draft of your hypothesis, materials and procedures to submit and

review with your teacher.




Step 10:  Perform the experiment

Read “Laboratory notebook”

Read “Conducting an Experiment”

Repeat your experiment at least three times

Record your results in your Lab notebook, create data tables, graphs, charts etc… to record your results.





11/13 through 12/11

Step 11:  Record your data and results.

Read “Data Analysis and Graphs”

Submit your lab notebook to your teacher for review.

Complete your visual representations of your data – graph, tables, charts, etc…



Step 12: Analyze your data and results

Read “Data Analysis and Graphs”

Complete your rough draft paragraph format explanation of your results. 

Review with your teacher


Step 13: Make a conclusion

Read “Conclusions”

Complete a paragraph format conclusion. 

Review with your teacher.


Step 14:  Write an Abstract

Read “Abstract”

Complete a rough draft of your abstract. 

Review with your teacher.


Step 15: Acknowledgements

Thank the people who helped you with your project

Write a rough draft of your acknowledgements.


Steps 16-18: Final report

Read “Final Report”

Prepare and write the FINAL COPY of your Lab Report

12/18 through 1/11

Step 19: Display Board

Read “Display board”

Create and assemble your display board

1/4 through 1/11

Step 20:  The VFMS Science Fair Expo

No reading assignment

Bring your display board, laboratory notebook, and any other display items to school